The Hastings family has provided PE Tubing and pipe since the 1960’s. My father William J Hastings was
a pioneer in marketing PE tubing and pipe for Yardley Plastics; a subsidiary of Celanese a Fortune 500
company. In the early eights my father purchased Yardley Plastics which consisted of ten extruders, two
located in Palmer Ma and eight more in Huntington WV. In 1989 my father sold the company and he
retired. In 1989 I started my own company KSM and started selling Orangeburg Plastics for the next ten
years until Orangeburg was sold.
Today KSM proudly sells Flying W Plastics located in WV and is stocked at KSM warehouse located in
Palmer Ma. Flying W produces pipe up to 20” diameters and is available in both coils and straight
KSM services the following markets:
Municipal water markets with our Blue CTS tubing 250 PSI
Water well markets with black IPS 250 PSI pipe
Geothermal Pipe 200 PSI OD Controlled
Irrigation lawn sprinkler pipe 80 or 100 PSI
Swimming pool pipe 80 or 100 psi

Need more info please contact Bill Hastings [email protected] or 413-455-5511
Thanks Bill